Barbara Stokes: Love For fellow Man

In life there are times where we must put aside differences in order for the greater good to be upheld. Though people have many different thoughts and opinions we are all part of the same world at the end of the day. A person never knows when they will need the aid of others in the midst of life and its possible catastrophes. Natural disasters are some of these catastrophes and they are very destructive and unavoidable. Though these things happen to us we can band together to aid and protect one another from harm. One person who understands this and is doing her part to aid in these types of efforts is Barbara Stokes. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

Barbara Stokes is a Mercer University graduate who has her own company. The company that she runs is called green Structure Homes Delivered. Barbara Stokes is the founder and CEO of this company. Alongside her husband this company works to help aid in several different relief efforts around the world. They do this by their manufacturing of their state of the art Homes they build. These homes are very resistant to the elements and are fire resistant as well as mold resistant. The houses that they build are made from real materials to ensure that they are sturdy. The homes are so good because they are affordable, very economic, and energy sufficient. Barbara stokes, and her company have provided such good service that they have since 2008 secured many contracts with private and government companies including FEMA. The structures can be quickly built in just a couple of days which is why they are so good in addition to their other qualities for relief efforts. Read this article at

FEMA deployed Barbara Stokes and her company ion the midst of hurricane Katrina to very good results. Though Katrina dealt a very big blow GSH helped to lessen the damage and helped to begin the rebuilding process. Barbara Stokes and her husband have created a wonderful business that supplies those in distress with what they need to make it through. Her company has a great reputation and they will be remembered as people who have immense love for their fellow man.