David Osio Releases the Davos CAP Calculator to the Market

David Osio is the founder and the current chief executive officer of a financial advisory group of independent companies, which is known as Davos Financial Group. As the founder, he has spearheaded the progress and development of this team with his leadership experience and business exposure. He has contributed to the growth of Davos’ returns and ensured it has grown into the international market by setting up divisions in strategic towns such as Panama City, Geneva, New York and Lisbon. David has focused on coming up with a company that deals with financial services to offer specific products that solve the clients’ demands thus assuring them quality services, an investment platform, and privacy. His professional approach has boosted Davos Financial Group to be a better financial firm that offers expert services through the licensed independent companies. Davos financial group has also specialized in tax and corporate planning, banking services, portfolio structuring, and asset management. Learn more: http://www.elvenezolano.com/2016/03/29/china-demuestra-inconformidad-con-medidas-economicas-de-maduro

One of the independent companies under the Davos Financial Group is the Davos Real Estate Group (REG), an international financial group leading in the Latin American market in giving financial advice for over twenty years. Its main aim is to come up with an investment plan that can meet the demands of each customer. In ensuring this is achieved, Davos Real Estate has a team of professions who are licensed to offer the services.

David Osio combined efforts with Gerard González and Pablo Bausili, who are the executive directors of Davos Real Estate Group, to launch the Davos CAP Calculator, which is a new mobile application that is to be used by its customer. The application has been designed to approximate all the incomes that are received from investments in the real estate sector. Gerard González has worked together with the company’s experts to plan and develop the application that enables one to approximate returns that are received from investments after the expenses that are incurred from the property invested are considered.

The application was made with the latest technology, and it can be used on both iPhone and Android devices. The new mobile software set a base for the development of more applications that will enable individuals to recognize assets through their phones and send past real estate reports to a Davos agent through short messages. The development of the application followed the objective of Davos Financial Group, which is to come up with an application that enables the company to offer financial advice to clients as they invest in the U.S real estate business.

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