Fashion and Fabletics

Being a well known celebrity might seem like it would be enough to keep someone busy, however that not the case with Kate Hudson. Aside from starring in movies, this actress has immersed herself in the word of fashion. As a co-founder of the exceedingly popular clothing line, Fabletics, she has been spreading her message about the importance of healthy living to all her fans through fashion. Giving access to quality activewear to more people than ever before, Hudson is keeping people in shape and looking amazing.

In a recent article at, new styles from Fabletics are reviewed by Kate Hudson herself. Athleisure is a growing trend that combines the use of performance fabrics in everyday clothing. For people who are constantly on the go, athleisure is a welcome change from other less comfortable styles. On April 1, 2016 Fabletics introduced its own line of athleisure to eager fans. In the interview, Hudson reviews some of the new dresses and swim suits the company has to offer. It is interesting to know that many of these styles can be worn for both working out and while meeting up with friends. The clothing is all made from the same materials as the activewear making them just as comfortable as they are stylish.

Fabletics owes its growing success to its quality products and innovative business model. Being a subscription based company on, Fabletics allows customer to sign up for V.I.P. services to enhance their shopping experience. With this type of membership, customers pay a monthly fee and receive access to fashion news as well as exclusive access to sales. Using Fabletics as their primary source of workout attire gives fans the ability to stay on top of trends while saving on cash.

Leading a healthy life should be a top priority for everyone. Kate Hudson and Fabletics is making sure people everywhere know they can both look good and feel amazing at the same time. The new line of athleisure is expanding the brand and giving even more people an excuse to become a member. Being able to wear the same thing while out running errands that you would wear to yoga class is a welcome change of pace from what used to be considered fashionable. All the fitness minded people out there can be thankful that Kate Hudson is good at multi-tasking, and hope that she keeps creating more and more amazing styles.