Freedom Checks – The Real Story

What Are Freedom Checks?

Freedom Checks are checks that are given to investors via monthly or quarterly by businesses that focus on the production of energy. These distribution checks are possible due to a tax-free federal law, affectionately known as, Statute 26-F. More than likely theses energy businesses are master limited partnerships, which must give $0.90 on every dollar to investors to keep their tax exemption status. The federal law was created during the presidency era of Nixon, in order to get Americans behind supporting of energy produced and purchased in America. This program has allowed Americans to take part in the earnings that the energy business owners reap. Visit to know more.

How to Become an Investor

In order to get your piece of the pie, you must invest into one of the major MLP’s (master limited partnerships) to reap the benefits and receive a Freedom Check. This may sound like a hard task to achieve, but in actuality it is simple and can cost very little. The main point is to do your research or you can also look into the many writings on Freedom Checks by Matt Badiali. By investing into theses businesses Americans are aiding in America’s ability to rely own its own resources for oil and other energy resources. Read this article at Affiliate Dork.

Once you have a clear knowledge of how MLP’s work and the strategy behind investment, you can take as little as $10 – $100 to invest into the program. Also, a new law passed in December, which allows for these businesses to seek and research for better locations for natural resources. What does that mean to investors? An opportunity to MLP’s to increase their revenue and for investors to receive a bigger payout on their Freedom Checks. Take in mind that if you want to receive hundreds of thousands in residual, you must invest of course a reasonable sum. But don’t be dismayed, by investing consistently and in small amounts, you can still come away with a really great amount in your distribution check or Freedom Check.