Jon Urbana’s Quest for Legacy

In life you must create and explore your talents and interests to the fullest. We only have a short period on the earth to make an impact and leave behind a legacy to our loved ones and to the world. Some individuals decide that they will become extremely dynamic people and touch lives in multiple areas and fashions. Some people pursue their talents and give back more to this life than what’s been given to them. One such person is a gentleman named Jon Urbana.

Jon Urbana is the Co-founder and Head of Business Development at Ellipse USA, a medical device company specializing in the fields of aesthetic IPL and laser solutions. He currently resides in Denver, Colorado where he also lays claim to his multitude of talented endeavors. As a former All-American Lacrosse player, Jon Urbana founded the “Next Level Lacrosse Camp”, which is an annual summer camp designed to help youth lacrosse players succeed at the junior level.

Charity is a big part of Jon’s vision. He is passionate about his environment having grown up in the beautiful state of Colorado and he has started a beneficiary “GoFundMe” campaign supporting Earth Force. Earth Force Inc. strives to mobilize youth to get involved in improving their local environments and getting interested in reserving natural beauty. Besides this, Jon is also an advocate against the cruelty of animals and has done charity work benefiting animal rescue and adoption.

Another one of Jon Urbana’s interests is photography. He snaps excellent high definition photos of nature, animals, food, mosaics, and landmarks. You can follow his artwork on his Instagram or search his frequently updated WordPress blog.

When he isn’t busy shooting pictures, Jon also really enjoys producing his own original music. He loves to remix songs and experiment with electronic music creating tracks that have garnered him a solid base of Soundcloud followers.

Jon Urbana Photography from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Setting aside his Twitter expressions, Jon is also a Federal Aviation Administration certified pilot. Becoming a certified and licensed pilot is no easy task, it requires years of study, practice, and flight hours to obtain. The standards for pilots has evolved over the years and the FAA standards for certification are some of the strictest in the world.

Besides the aforementioned interests and pursuits, Jon also is extremely active on social media, creates videos on Vimeo and has several channels on YouTube, Tumblr, and Dailymotion, and continues to expand his business ventures and entrepreneurial endeavors.