Learning To Build Success Like Whitney Wolfe

There are a few people that actually manage to build their own success. One of these people is Whitney Wolfe. In order to figure out how it is done, one has to break it down into steps. One of the first steps to building something like Bumble is to work out the purpose behind it. For one thing, people need to figure out what they hope to achieve with their business. In many cases, it is going to have to be something besides money. One of the reasons for this is because if they are not getting any money out of it, then they are going to be discouraged.

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When Whitney Wolfe thought about Bumble, she was looking for different ways that she can empower women. Whitney Wolfe has started in the dating realm, she created Bumble. She has looked at some of the unwritten rules of dating in order to find some rules that she can challenge. There are a ton of rules in the dating realm that have actually been outdated. For instance, one rule is that a woman shouldn’t initiate contact with a man. One of the issues with this rule is that a lot of women who do not initiate in this day and age are only going to find themselves with men they don’t want. However, women that go for what they want will find themselves in a relationship with the man they want.

CEO Whitney Wolfe has also looked at other ways to empower women. The overall purpose behind Bumble and the extensions was to give women the tools that they need to overcome and build the type of life that they want. She is also empowering herself to overcome challenges that come her way. As of right now, she is protecting her company from falling into the wrong hands.

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