Neurocore’s Impact on Professional Athletes Can Change the Game

Neurocore is a leading provider of biofeedback that can assist with a variety of concerns. For the general public, this can be used to manage depression, chronic pain, ADHD, stress levels and high blood pressure, however, this brain training has also shown to be extremely effective with professional athletes. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

In an article by the Premiere Gazette, the application of this biofeedback training, provided by Neurocore, to professional athletes, including football start Kirk Cousins, as well as the Trailblazers basketball team. For athletes, biofeedback can help them to learn to control involuntary functions, such as heart rate. It strengthens the mind, an important aspect of an athlete’s performance. Neorocore founder and Neuropsychologist, Dr. Tim Royer, has extensively studied this brain strengthening protocol and believes that helping athletes to develop mental strength will benefit their performance on the field, as well as to help them after the game, with slowing the brain processes and allowing for sleep and other restorative functions in preparation for the next game.

The brain is a powerful organ, one that, like all muscles, can be exercised and strengthened. With biofeedback, users practice calming their minds and focusing on the activity, which allows them to utilize these skills when in the field, improving mental stamina, as demonstrated in the article, but Cousins, who after a tough season with the Washington Redskins, returned to biofeedback in the off-season and came back stronger, making it to postseason play, the following year. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

The biofeedback process consists of a 30-minute session in which the individual is watching a movie from a comfortable chair, while the brain is monitored, If the client’s mind wanders from the movie, the DVD is wired to stop play, redirecting the client back to the necessary concentration on the movie, where they are rewarded by the continuation of the movie, using the concepts of behavior modification and rewards to increase attention and focus. This process helps to regulate body functions, helpful for a variety of individuals.

Neurocore provides a variety of training at their 6 centers, including the core training, as discussed, and memory training. Using Neuroengineering and brain mapping, the process can help individuals develop brain strength to assist with a variety of ailments of issues, while the memory training serves to assist those whose brain functions and memory are impacted by the aging process. Biofeedback is growing in popularity with athletes, but is also effective for the general population.