Skout Releases Surprising Results For 2016 Trends

Ringing in the new year is often met with joy and celebration as well as a few resolutions aimed to improve your diet, relationships, and all around life style. Before January started, Skout, a multi-continental app that helps you meet new people from around the world, surveyed over 3,700 people in the United States to figure out what the hottest resolution trends of 2016 would be. Surprisingly their data revealed that having friends can positively impact your life in more ways than you think. Dieting and gaining promotions have always held the top of the resolution chart and Skout’s survey supports that data, but the results have also pin pointed that having friends who motivate and support you really makes a difference.

Social media has shifted the way we create friendships and relationships by creating an easier and less intimidating path to finding new friends and partners. This shift has created a myriad of dating and social apps but none of them compare to Skout. Skout’s primary use was for people to expand their social circle, but once the travel app was released people began using the mobile platform to meet other travelers or locals to find companionship or romance abroad.

Taking their newly created customer base with open arms Skout created fresh ways for travelers to share photos and videos with their friends back home as well as share their adventures with other Skout users and act as a virtual tour guide. Newer travelers began using the app to find and meet locals willing to give them tours, direct them to hostels, and even help with translations during their stay.

Students in college have been befriending people from other countries on the app and taking summers off to travel and meet their overseas friends. Then there are those who use Skout as a way to find love or companionship, but not all of them stay locally. People who travel often for business or find themselves moving to a different country have used the app to meet people before their plane even hits the ground. Skout’s creative platform introduces strangers from all over the world and allows them to maintain a relationship despite the distance. With an ever widening user base Skout has reclaimed the old notion of pen pals and given it a modern twist that helps meet new people and explore new countries with the help of friends.