The History Of The OSI Group

The OSI Group operates under different names in different countries. For instance, they operate as OSI Duisburg in Germany. The company also operates as Orange Bay Foods in Japan.

Finally, the OSI Group operates as OSI USA in the United States. This is just a few as the OSI Group has its presence in over 65 nations across the world. In the US, OSI Group has plants in different states such as California, Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, Utah, and Wisconsin. The OSI Group has plants in the Far East, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Scandinavia and South America. This group of companies is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois.

For over a 100 years, the company has provided exceptional services to their clients. As a result, the company has managed to win many awards such as the Furasato award in Japan as well as the Prize of Honor for Food Products in Germany. These two awards are in recognition for offering quality products, being responsible for the environment and educating the youth on the importance of healthy eating. The management of this company has also become accustomed to these awards. For instance, Sheldon Lavin recently won the global visionary award for turning dreams into reality.

Another member who has had an impact on the company is Kelvin Cahill who also happens to be a managing partner. Kevin had served the food industry for 24 years before joining the company. He is a graduate of University College Cork with a degree in commerce specializing in marketing. The OSI Group has had a rich history. The company was established as a family meat place by a German immigrant in the year 1909. The company managed to grow by striking deals with big corporations like McDonald’s to supply them with meat products. The company has managed to change names severally since its foundation.

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